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We in iAlbatros understand need of privacy and safety. Our travellers’ trust is our asset. We do our best to secure the data you share with us.

This document describes how we collect and use the data about users of our services. We keep it simple and easy to understand, as we are very open and we built our services on trust. You will also find here information how to contact us if you need any further assistance.

IAlbatros Poland S.A. and its local subsidiaries provides business process outsourcing services in area of travel management using modern technology solutions: webpages, mobile applications, call centre, partner applications integrated with iAlbatros, instant messaging and social media platforms. This policy applies to all the platforms you can use to get access to our services and all the data we collect using those platforms.

This policy may change when proper legislation change or we extend our services. Please visit this page regularly to be up to date.

If you do not accept this Privacy Policy, please stop using our services.

What kind of information we collect

Information you provide us, or you employer provides us

To provide you with the best available accommodation, flight or rail ticket we need an information about you. That is why we ask you for your first name, last name, contact details, other travellers’ data; payment means sometimes also date of birth.

Information we collect automatically when you use our services

When you use our services we also collect information i.e. you IP address, web browser or mobile device data and local settings i.e. language.

Information from other sources

If you use third party payment provider, if you link your profile with social media or instant messaging profile or if you use iAlbatros platform via third party integrated software we can collect information about you. In addition, accommodation and transport services providers may share with us information about your trip.

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What is the purpose of data collection

We need users and travellers’ data to provide them with the service, search for hotels and rates available, book rooms or tickets or any other service we provide and to improve our services for our clients.

We also use contact information to inform you about any changes to trip itineraries, any actions waiting for you in the system or any new features and services available.

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Whom we share your data with

iAlbatros is the platform that gives you access to multiple different services’ providers i.e. hotels, airlines, rail companies, financial institutions. We need to share your data with them for the purpose of your trip bookings.

iAlbatros can share your data with its subsidiaries, hired consultants or vendors working on behalf of iAlbatros.

Obviously according to EU and Polish legislation, we might share the information with proper authorities.

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How we secure the data

We use appropriate technical and operational means to secure information collected by iAlbatros to be compliant with EU and Polish regulations regarding personal data protection and our contractual obligations. We built our information security based on ISO 27001 standard.

Children data

IAlbatros services are meant to be used by adult users. Underage person’s data will be collected only with parents / legal guardians’ permission.

How to control iAlbatros collected data

You have a right to review the information we collect about you. It is available in your profile and you can always ask for a proper data record.

Who is responsible for data processing

IAlbatros Poland S.A. based in Warsaw, in Poland is managing data processing described in this document.


Collected information

Information you provide us or you employer provides us

IAlbatros needs a set of data to perform bookings for you i.e. you first name, last name, e-mail address, sometimes date of birth, and payment methods. We also encourage you to provide us with a contact details, document details, loyalty cards and there information about your special rates and benefit programs you want to use and trip preferences.

According to the contract between iAlbatros and your employer or travel management company that serves you, your employer or a TMC can provide part or all of this information.

Information collected automatically

All contacts with iAlbatros platform or with iAlbatros Customer Service via phone, e-mail, chat, messaging platform or other channel will be a source of information about you and your preferences. We collect all the communication between you and iAlbatros as well as automatically registered data about your contacts with iAlbatros platform and services like IP address, web browser used, device used, and localisation or language settings, third party applications you use to contact us.

For the purpose of administration and maintenance works, we collect logs of operations on iAlbatros platform especially all incidents and technical errors that might occur. We might also use collected user operations data to prevent fraud and misuse of our services.

We might also ask you for an opinion about our services or your trip to help us understand your needs and provide better services for you and other our clients.

Information collected from other sources

iAlbatros services are available through our own platforms and applications and through integrated third party software web pages, online booking tools, instant messaging systems, social media platforms. We will collect information about travellers and users provided by integrated third party software to perform and improve our services.

iAlbatros is also integrated with multiple services providers, with hotels, airlines, travel management companies, rail operators, financial institutions, security services etc. Those third parties take part in whole trip management service and shares the data about the trip with iAlbatros platform, which manages it all.


Purpose of data processing

We use collected information about users and travellers for providing and improving travel management services we offer. We can use it for:

  1. Booking trips: it is the most important reason for collecting your data. It is necessary to properly search for, book and later on manage your trip (book hotel, issue air or rail ticket). This is our core business and purpose. Additionally we offer other services of our partners connected with travelling i.e. fulfilling payments, providing additional support, monitoring your safety.
  2. Customer service: we offer you 24/7 support in multiple languages. Availability of your data is necessary to help you if you need it. We provide multiple different services from helping you with the booking, resolving issue with the iAlbatros platform, supporting you in communication with hotel etc.
  3. Providing user access: iAlbatros platform and applications requires proper authentication and authorization. Your data is used to manage the user account on our platform. Using the account, you can manage your reservations, setup your profile, manage your company or TMC and use all other features of the system.
  4. Marketing: we use your data for marketing and training purposes:
    1. We use contact data to send information about products and services.
    2. We use collected data to personalise search results in iAlbatros platforms and applications.
    3. In case of participations in any promotion events and loyalty programs, we use your data to manage those events.
  5. Communication with users and travellers: we might contact you using phone, e-mail, SMS or instant messaging platform. We collect the communication between you and us and we will use your data to:
    1. Recognize you when you contact iAlbatros or enter iAlbatros platform or application
    2. Solve all the issues raised by you or services providers
    3. Notify and remind you about all the tasks and actions you might be interested on the platform.
    4. Ask you for an opinion.
    5. Send you vouchers, trip itineraries, summaries of your trips.
    6. Send you important alert.
  6. Market analysis: We can use anonymized data for the analysis of the market. Non-anonymized data or opinions can be collected only if you will agree.
  7. Misuse detection: Data collected allows us to monitor user behaviour and detect misuse of our services or applications, frauds and other potentially dangerous actions.
  8. Service improvement: Data analysis is used to improve our services, to understand our client needs, negotiating with our providers, improving usability of our applications and eliminating problems and issues.
  9. Service monitoring: All technical components of iAlbatros platform and integrated applications collect user operations logs, errors and technical alerts for the purpose of system administration and maintenance.
  10. Legal needs: if some cases your data can be used to solve any legal dispute or administrative proceeding.

We collect and process your personal data based on:

  1. Contractual obligations: using your data is necessary to fulfil contract between you and us or between your employer and us.
  2. Legitimate interest: we can use your data to provide you with the best available for you travel services: personalise application, messages and search results, providing you proper help and product and training information, for administrations and maintenance purposes, fraud detection and for legal reasons.
  3. Your permission: we can ask you for a permission to use your data for special marketing purposes. You can revoke such a permission any time by contacting us.


With whom we can share your data

We share the information we collect about you according to the purpose of data collection

Data shared to manage business travel

For managing your business travel, we may share your data with:

  1. Travel services providers we use to organize your trip that can include hotels, airlines, global distribution systems where we book your trip, travel management companies issuing your tickets, but also security agencies that cares about yours safety.
  2. With payment operators and other financial services providers to organize all the payments for the services ordered by you. We will share with them only the set of data required to fulfil the service. We can also share additional data in case it is necessary to prevent or detect a fraud or theft.
  3. Your employer or an organization that organizes your trip using our services. We report your business trips to your employer, or if you are a guest of a company or client of the travel agency, we will report the data back to them.
  4. Other iAlbatros entities that provide services or process the data on our behalf, as we centralize our operations.

We can also share your data with:

  1. Vendors, consultants and business partners who help us to carry out work on our behalf.
  2. Competent authorities in response to their request for information when it is our legal obligation.
  3. Other services users (or groups of users) or public, but only the content you provide on such a forum.
  4. In aggregated and anonymized form, which cannot be used to identify person.


Social media

iAlbatros uses social media and instant messaging platforms in several ways. We promote our services and products or services and products of our partners. We share information about our work and we gather feedback and marketing data. We also use social media and instant messaging platforms to support online usage of our services.

We are offering services through social media and instant messaging platforms. You can connect your account in iAlbatros system to your existing account on one of supported social media platforms and take advantage of this channel of communication with us. Our system will be able to send you some notifications and you will be able to perform actions, as you would do in our system. Any time you can disconnect accounts using our or native social media or instant messaging platform functionality.

You can also allow us to use some of the social media platform data, available on your profile like photo, email address or name.

On our pages and in our application we can place social media plugins (i.e. like or share buttons). If you will use it, some of the data will be shared with social media platform and it can be shared with larger audience according to your own social media privacy settings. We advise you to read also privacy policies of your social media platform.