IFTM 2016 : MAYA, rewolucja w Business Travel

The interview in French is translated here:

In the heart of Business Club, there are some players who wish to disrupt the sector. iAlbatros with its new solution MAYA is one of them.

– Good afternoon, would you please tell us more about the new solution?

– MAYA is a new generation online booking tool which disrupts totally [the actual habits] compared to existing solutions and is a 100% mobile adapted, which means our application is available on the Internet, on tablets and on mobile.

So what characterizes MAYA is what we implemented: all the rules and leisure users answers to the business travel world. Today, there are worldwide known websites like Hipmunk. But there is a family ambience in our company which we can find in our MAYA tool. Furthermore, for the hotels part, we give a wink to Momondo. The leisure world meets the corporate world which makes it easier to adopt the tool in the enterprises.

– So how do you work with Business travel companies? Do they integrate your solution? How does it work?

– So, the companies may approach us directly or they can ask their travel agent to propose MAYA to them. I wish to emphasize the fact that we have an exclusivity signed cooperation with Havas for the segment below 1 500 000 euros, so we cannot broadcast it via other CTMs.

So you put a strong accent on ergonomy, on user experience, that is what really matters, right?

– Precisely. Today, there is a problem with the adoption rate. Many tools do not give pieces of information supposed to be shown in professional websites such as a sit reservation, excess baggage … It is very common on leisure websites whereas professional websites do not have it. MAYA fills such a gap and makes business travelers live the same experience as the one of leisure travelers.

So you propose flights and hotels at the same time…

– We propose all the services : flights, trains, cars and hotels, naturally.

Thank you.

– You are welcome.